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Since 1987, American Investors Group, Inc. has been providing investors throughout the country with fixed-income, mortgage-secured investment opportunities. American Investors Group, Inc. is a securities broker-dealer and investment bank specializing in underwriting first mortgage-secured bonds for churches throughout the United States. Churches issue bonds to finance their worship facilities and benefit by the fixed interest, long-term financing solution the bonds provide them. American Investors Group, Inc. sells the bonds for their churches nationwide to investors seeking current income paid to them quarterly until maturity. The bonds are secured by a first mortgage on the church's property. Bonds are typically issued with maturity dates ranging from one year to 25 years.

First Mortgage Church Bonds involve investment risks that all potential investors need to consider before investing. These risks are detailed in the offering circulars for each bond issue, which are available upon request. These risks include, but are not limited to: general economic conditions that can influence an issuing church's ability to meet its payments of principal and interest on the bonds; vacillation in the tithes and offering income of churches; the special-use nature of their worship facilities which can make their resale in the event of foreclosure more difficult; a limited ability to resell bonds prior to maturity should the need arise; the general absence of ongoing detailed information concerning issuing churches after their bonds are sold to investors; the possibility that a church may, under certain circumstances, issue additional bonds in the future; and dependence upon the continued spiritual leadership of church pastors. Church bonds, while secured by the church's real property, are not guaranteed by any denomination or government, and thus, the payment of interest and principal to investors is dependent upon the on-going financial condition of the issuing church and its continuing credit worthiness. Church bonds are not rated by any independent rating service.

Investors are urged to carefully read the offering circular provided for each bond issue before investing. The information contained in this website is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy bonds. Offers are made solely by means of an offering circular, to which reference is made for the complete information authorized in the sale of these securities, including Risk Factors. Offers and sales may be made only in states where the Bonds are exempt from registration or have been registered for sale.

If you are an investor seeking competitive yields on fixed income investments, you owe it to yourself to look at church bonds underwritten by American Investors Group, Inc. To learn more about church bonds, click on "Contact Us" to find a branch office near you, or call 1-800-815-1175, extension 1134.

American Investors Group, Inc. – "Financing America's Churches" sm - Help us build America's churches, while investing in your financial future.

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